Dissemination & exploitation efforts in project ROXANNE

ROXANNE project has completed about half of its journey until now. We are happy to share that with the support, feedback, and comments of our readers, stakeholders, end-users, and partners, we have achieved to create a preliminary version of this unique platform. We are certain that this platform will be used ethically for the betterment of society and we are ensuring checks for the same at various steps as well. In this blog, we will discuss some of the recent project updates and explore our efforts and objectives with respect to exploitation.

Talking about some of the recent project updates, we always make it a point to never stop experimenting with new solutions. With this thought in mind, we are happy to officially join hands with ZITiS as our new consortium partner. ZITiS is a German research and development authority for technical solutions with a cyber connection. We recently got an opportunity to present our progress to the reviewers of this project and were glad to receive some constructive feedback which will help us in streamlining this platform for optimal implementation.

To keep our stakeholders and readers updated, we send out a bi-annual newsletter, to which you can subscribe here. You can also follow us on our social media handles (LinkedIn, Twitter) to receive timely updates or to share any feedback with reference to where/how this platform can be provided. We also inform our readers about our participation in upcoming events, conferences, publications, workshops, etc. through these platforms. Further, we understand that it is critical to raise awareness about this project and its objectives within the public domain, and hence we have uploaded various assets such as brochure, poster, etc. on our website to provide accessibility. We also rely on project videos and news sections on the website to achieve the objectives.

As we proceed from this stage of this project towards the final stage, we realize the significance of exploiting the results of this project. Each partner of the ROXANNE consortium has further agreed to contribute towards enabling exploitation even after the end of the project. These efforts will ensure that whatever progress we have made in the fields of various technologies or the platform as a whole, can be re-used by others in the society while eliminating the duplication of effort or research.

In line with this agenda, we are working very closely with our sister projects, FORMOBILE and LOCARD projects, to share domain knowledge and research accomplishments while aligning on legal and ethical needs of these projects. Further, we are a part of the LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) cluster, which is a group of projects working towards preventing crime by empowering LEAs. We are confident that we will be able to demonstrate huge progress in the next platform demonstration (Field-test) being scheduled for some time in the fall of 2021. The information about participation in the same will be shared with all stakeholders over e-mail (Please contact us if you would be interested to attend the same).

Once this platform matures and is completed, we will exploit the results of this platform for commercial purposes. Such exploitation will however only take place after evaluation of legal, commercial, and ethical concerns. The objective would not only be to make it a profitable venture, but rather to ensure its effective distribution and use for the betterment of society as a whole. From time to time we connect with our end-users and potential users to understand how to fine-tune the platform in line with these objectives. And of course, all of this will be accomplished in line with the legal and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) understanding between the partners and external entities.

We truly believe that this platform has the potential to revolutionalize the way LEAs counter crime in society and help prevent crime while also assisting in their investigation.