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Idiap Research Institute (Project Coordinator) - speech data mining research, NLP capabilities


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The Idiap Research Institute is an independent, nonprofit research foundation affiliated with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Its activities encompass basic research, training (graduate and post-graduate level), and technology transfer activities in the area of Artificial Intelligence for Society including, among others, multimedia information management, human-computer interaction, perceptual and cognitive systems, natural language processing and understanding, social media, biometric person recognition, multimodal information interfaces, applied artificial intelligence (AI) and large-scale machine learning.



Phonexia s.r.o. – speaker recognition and other speech data mining technology


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Phonexia is specialized on technologies associated with the data mining from speech. Aa s provider of these technologies, Phonexia offers wide technology portfolio covering speaker/gender/language identification, speech transcription, keyword spotting and associated commercial research and development. The company gained expertise in speaker recognition deployments in national security and national defense sector. The experts will share 10+ years of experience in speech technologies systems development and almost 20 years of experience in speech technologies research.



BUT - Brno University of Technology – speech data mining research


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Abstract: BUT Speech@FIT group is part of Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia at the Faculty of Information Technology. Its more than 20 members (faculty, research staff, PhD students and support) are world renowned experts in the fields of speaker and language identification, speech recognition, and keyword spotting. The best phone recognition system in the world, and excellent results in NIST Language Recognition and Speaker Recognition Evaluations are among its main achievements. The group is also known for its work in feature extraction and acoustic modeling for speech recognition (features based on neural networks, discriminative training and transforms).

BUT will bring its experience in speech data collection and speech data mining. It will build on its significant track in EC-sponsored projects, ranging from speech corpora collection (SpeechDat-E, SpeeCon), through audiovisual meeting recognition and processing (M4, AMI, AMIDA) to mobile biometric identification (MOBIO), recognition of rare events both at the level of basic research (DIRAC) and industrial security applications (CareTaker), and aviation safety (A-PiMod).



HENSOLDT Analytics GmbH - speech and language technologies, source intelligence information technology


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HENSOLDT Analytics GmbH is a global leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems and Speech and Language Processing technologies, which are key elements for media monitoring and analysis.

HENSOLDT Analytics GmbH focusses on end-to-end systems and tools that can efficiently extract and analyse information from open sources (TV, radio, blogs, social media, etc.) and turn them into actionable intelligence, employing cutting-edge technologies across multiple languages, geographies and sources that have been developed with a focus on the requirements of situational awareness.

HENSOLDT Analytics GmbH is a founding member of the European Open Source Intelligence Forum (EUROSINT) and a member of the Language Technology Industry Association (LT-Innovate).



University of Hannover - experience in network analysis


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The L3S Research Center develops methods and technologies for digital change and investigates the effects of digitisation in order to derive options for action, recommendations and innovation strategies for business, politics and society.



University of Saarland - NLP capabilities


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Saarland University is part of the Saarland Informatics Campus, one of the leading locations for Informatics in Germany and Europe with ca. 800 researchers. In the Department of Language Science and Technology, ten research groups work on statistical natural language processing, parsing, semantics, speech recognition, speech synthesis, data analytics, psycholinguistics and dialogue management. The Spoken Language Systems group (LSV) has a long-standing experience in natural language processing, in particular in language modelling, question answering systems and information extraction. Its relation extraction system RelationFactory has scored first in the NIST benchmark on knowledge base population. LSV has participated in major projects like VerbMobil (speech-to-speech translation), SmartKom (multimodal HCI), AMI/AMIDA (multiparty design meetings), D-BOX (interactive gaming applications) and Metalogue (dialogue systems for training metacognitive skills). At the moment its members are part of several national and international projects including COMPRISE (privacy-preserving machine learning), M-Phasis (hate speech detection), ATCO2 (information extraction) and the CRC 1102 on Information Density and Linguistic Encoding.



Capgemini Technology services - Privacy issues, exploitation and dissemination, end user requirements


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Capgemini technological services is a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients' opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. CAP expertise covers different domains including cybersecurity, insurance, digital transformation, health care, cloud management, blockchain transactions.



Transcrime, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano


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Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is an Italian private research university founded in 1921. Università Cattolica has five campuses, and is the largest private university in Europe and the largest Catholic University in the world. The main campus is based in Milan.

Università Cattolica is also the administrative seat of Transcrime, the Joint research centre on transnational crime of Università Cattolica, the Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna and the Università degli Studi di Perugia. Transcrime, directed by Professor Ernesto Ugo Savona, has offices in Milan and has a staff of more than 20 people, made up of academic researchers, contract researchers, Ph.D. candidates, interns and administrative personnel. Transcrime employs an integrated approach (criminology, law, economics, statistics, sociology, forensic accounting) and performs applied research to:

  • Analyse crime (organised crime, economic crime, money laundering, illegal markets, urban crime);
  • Evaluate of crime prevention policies;
  • Analyse and identify of criminogenic opportunities in legislation (crime proofing analysis);
  • Develop risk assessment models and crime prevention strategies for public (e.g. law enforcement, public entities) and private actors (e.g. banks, professionals, companies).

Transcrime is a key supporting body of the education activities provided by the Università Cattolica. In particular, the center supports the coordination of the Master curriculum in Security Policy (Poli.Si) within the Master Degree in Public Policy, and the International Ph.D. in Criminology.



Trilateral Research Ltd


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Trilateral Research is a UK and IE-based enterprise, founded in 2004. Our rigorous research is at the foundation of our work.

We provide regulatory and policy advice; develop new data-driven technologies and contribute to the latest standards in safeguarding privacy, ethics and human rights within the public and private sector. We focus our efforts on areas where the application of our research can make a difference in enhancing societal wellbeing.





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AEGIS IT RESEARCH GmbH is a research and development company based in Germany developing and managing innovative IT solutions for numerous business sectors. It is based on a highly effective professional team consisting of talented researchers and top-class IT experts from all over the world. This team empowers the company with a strong, diverse skillset which helps AEGIS offer innovative products and high-tech business solutions to the market.

AEGIS’ main areas of expertise include Digital Forensic Investigations, adaptive Big Data visualization systems, Geographical Information Systems, secure embedded platforms, access control and network security systems, privacy preserving systems, enterprise web applications and all the lifecycle of IT systems (design, development, deployment, optimization and maintenance).

There are three areas where AEGIS expertise and software products have been proven, namely: (i) digital forensic investigation and analysis (both physical and cyber); (ii) advanced visualizations and consulting services related to cybersecurity and (iii) advanced, intuitive and informative mechanisms and interactive visualizations, such as visualizers and business-style dashboards, for Big Data analytics.

Specifically: AEGIS has designed and implemented the AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit that is an extensible software (TRL 4) with a wide application scope, ranging from Digital Forensic Analysis (FVT) to Big Data analytics (Big Data offerings as a Service for IT and not-IT users - AVT).



AIRBUS Defence and Space (Innovation coordinator)


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Airbus is a global leader in the defence sector, the largest defence supplier in Europe, and among the top 10 defence companies worldwide. The Intelligence Programme Line of Airbus Defence and Space is the supplier of choice for commercial satellite imagery, C2ISR systems and related services. Airbus Defence and Space has unrivalled expertise in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, fusion, dissemination and intelligence extraction allied to significant command and control capabilities. The company is able to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture and deliver sophisticated end-to-end solutions across all commercial, institutional and defence markets.



ADITESS, Advanced Integrated Technology SaSLTD


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ADITESS ( is an SME established in Cyprus in late 2011 having so far worked on 20 H2020 and FP7 projects in the domains of security and ICT. ADITESS’ research interests rely around the areas of unmanned aerial vehicles, cyber security, cybercrime and digital forensics and our expertise is around secure data management and access, acoustic event detection (audio analytics), cross platform mobile app development as well as the development of web-based interfaces.

ADITESS’ staff is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals with outstanding professional and academic experience who have been involved in numerous EU Research Programs as well as national and international projects for several years. ADITESS has long-standing history in proposal preparation, project management and R&D activities. Furthermore, a number of ADITESS researchers come with ex-military and ex-police forces background in IT Security, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) in large-scale National and International operations, over the last fifteen years. This field experience is enhanced by high academic knowledge especially in the area of security (IT, UAV systems, Electrooptics, Communications, etc.).

ADITESS is the first Cyprus European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO ) member representing the Cyprus industry as well as founding member of ECSO and within the framework of a Connecting Europe facility (CEF) project, ADITESS works together with Cypriot National National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CY-CSIRT) to further enhance their services and upgrade their current operational infrastructure. ADITESS’ work with CY-CSIRT ( involves requirement analysis with respect to cyber security tool specification, the design of their operational architecture and integration of selected cyber security tools with their current infrastructure.



ITML, Internet of Things applications and Multi-Layer development


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ITML provides novel, tailor-made software solutions based on a variety of technologies, such as big data analytics, advanced data mining and machine learning. ITML’s vision is to deliver products and services close to the real customers and market needs, ultimately improving the user experience and the access to technology. ITML solutions cover a very wide range of applications, including e-shops, e-learning, Business Process Management (BPM), or any other customized application.

ITML particularly delivers solutions through (a) bilateral projects with private industry, (b) Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), (c) EU and beyond-EU funded projects, and nationally-funded projects. It has active participation in numerous H2020 projects as technology provider and system integrator in the fields of:

  • Tailor-made cybersecurity services
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning-based Big Data Analytics
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Production Digitisation
  • Energy efficient smart city applications

The primary competence of ITML relies in the design and development of software prototypes based on technologies that include machine learning algorithms, advanced data mining techniques, data aggregation and data analytics in IoT systems, as well as visualisation tools; all of which are applied in different operational domains, such as energy, logistics, health, education, maritime, and security.

ITML comprises numerous selected, internationally recognized and multi-experienced electrical and computer engineers, who have been conducting research, at worldwide level, for several years in areas related to the design, management and performance evaluation of high-speed telecommunication networks and services, security and transportation, energy efficiency, service-oriented architectures, business process management, e-government, e-commerce applications, and software engineering. Moreover, ITML has a team of technical project managers and software engineers who are experts in the software development process and in the validation of the scientific results produced in the context of R&I.



International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)


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International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) is an inter-governmental organization established in 1923 to facilitate international cooperation among police authorities by providing assistance and support to police work. INTERPOL's 194 member countries are connected via a secure communications system called I-24/7 that enables them to exchange information, access databases and services in real-time. INTERPOL also coordinate networks of police and experts in different crime areas.



Lithuanian Forensic institute


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Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania (LTEC) is a governmental institution, part of law enforcement system, established under Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, acting as such since 1958. The main activities of FSCL: performance of forensic examinations ordered by courts, prosecutors, pre-trial investigators in criminal and civil cases; scientific and methodical activity related to usage of forensic examination; training of forensic experts and issuance of qualification in different types of forensic examination.



Romania Minister of Interior


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The Center for the Coordination of Scientific Research is the organizational component of the General Logistics Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which fulfills the duties regarding the coordination, guidance, control, planning and regulation of the research activities - development and innovation, standardization and protection of industrial property, as well as of those in the segment represented by the exchange of information on the technical regulations and the specific products of the ministry, with the Member States and the European Commission.



Police Service of Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


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The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) with responsibility for the delivery of policing in Northern Ireland. The PSNI was established in 2001 as part of the recommendations of the Good Friday Agreement and is the successor to Royal Ulster Constabulary GC. PSNI headquarters is based in Belfast, with 6730 police officers and 2090 support staff. For the Police Service of Northern Ireland, keeping people safe is what we do; Policing with the Community is how we do it. Policing with the Community is about understanding and responding to the human impact of policing. It is about creating real participation between the police and the community – a partnership in which policing reflects and responds to the community’s needs.

The PSNI has expertise in a wide range of LEA activities and is recognised as a global leader in the delivery of: Cyber Crime investigation and Online Safety, Policing with the Community, Public order and crowd management, Counter terrorism investigation, Intelligence management, Emergency planning and disaster management and Human Rights focused policing.



Police of Czech Republic


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The Police of the Czech Republic is an armed security force established to serve the public. The objective of the Police of the Czech Republic is to protect the security of people, property and public order, to prevent criminal offences, to meet tasks stipulated by the Code of Criminal Procedure, and to carry out other duties pertaining to internal order and security vested in the Police of the Czech Republic by laws, legal regulations of the European Communities and international agreements which are part of the legal framework of the Czech Republic.



Croatia police


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The Ministry of the Interior deals with the tasks related to the following:

  • police, criminal police, border police and special police activities
  • administrative affairs related to citizens’ residence and documents, citizenship, aliens and asylum
  • administrative and other affairs in the area of fire and technological explosion protection, production and trade in explosive substances, humanitarian demining, security and detective affairs
  • administrative and expert affairs related to civil protection and rescue services
  • inspection affairs in the area of civil protection, firefighting, fire protection, production and trade in explosive substances and weapons, private protection and detective affairs, and mine action
  • administrative and expert affairs related to radiological and nuclear safety
  • administrative and expert affairs related to ionising radiation protection
  • inspection affairs related to radiological and nuclear safety, and tasks carried out in emergency situations concerning ionising radiation sources
  • implementation of obligations assumed by the Republic of Croatia under international conventions, treaties and agreements related to the ionising radiation protection, nuclear safety and application of protection measures aimed at non-proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • administrative and expert affairs related to working in places endangered by explosive atmospheres
  • administrative and expert affairs related to demining
  • forensic examination, research and expertise.

The Ministry is also responsible for the following: keeping the records and statistics concerning the internal affairs; the internal affairs information system; education and training of internal affairs officers.

The Ministry collaborates with the ministry responsible for managing state property in affairs related to managing shares and share capital of companies that constitute the state property owned by the Republic of Croatia and with regard to companies principally engaged in activities in the areas that are under the responsibility of this Ministry.

The Ministry carries out tasks related to the participation of the Republic of Croatia in the work of the European Union bodies in the areas of its responsibility.

The Ministry also carries out other tasks that it is responsible for under special legislation.



KEMEA, Kentro Meleton asfaleias


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The Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) is a think tank on homeland security policies and an established research center since 2005 (L. 3387/2005) within the Hellenic Ministry of Citizen Protection (former Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection), aiming to support security policy implementations in Greece, at a strategic level. The activities that KEMEA is involved in include a). the certification of practitioners in private security professions at the national level, b). research & development in the context of National and European projects in close cooperation with LEAs, working under the auspices of the Ministry of Citizen Protection and c). training of practitioners in new systems and technologies. A main objective of KEMEA is to bring together all national Law Enforcement Agencies (Police, Fire Service, Civil Protection agency, etc.) and to enable them to collaborate, interconnecting them with corresponding agencies, research institutions and the industry from around Europe. This dedicated approach of producing end-user driven research on all fronts of the Security Sector during the last decade, has earned KEMEA its participation in numerous National and EC R&D projects. KEMEA up to now is successfully participating in more than 100 EU & National Projects. KEMEA is a member of several European associations and organizations and it represented the Greek Government as member of the “European Security Research and Innovation Forum (ESRIF)”. Amongst other associations and organizations, KEMEA is a member of the “Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE)”, the “European Association of Research and Technology Organizations” and has established links to the ENLETS community (European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services) etc. Furthermore, KEMEA is appointed as the Greek “National Contact Point” for the implementation of Directive 2008/114/EC, regarding the protection of European Critical Infrastructures.



Ministry of Public Security - Israel National Police


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The Israel National Police works to provide personal and social security for all citizens. Its main activities are crime prevention, law enforcement, identifying those suspected of committing crimes, bringing the guilty to justice, assisting victims of crime, and maintaining public order.



NFI, Netherlands Forensic Institute (LEA coordinator)


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The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) is one of the world’s leading forensic laboratories. From its state-of-the-art, purpose-built premises in The Hague, the NFI provides products and services to a wide range of national and international clients. More specifically, activities of NFI include:

  1. Providing forensic services in a wide range of disciplines, such as DNA, fingerprints, speech, imaging, statistics, geolocation, meta-data extraction and processing;
  2. Developing tools and services to improve the efficiency and quality of law enforcement; Conducting research in order to build up a hotspot of forensic knowledge and maintain a national and international network of experts;
  3. Training practitioners in the use of new services and technologies.



An Garda Síochána


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An Garda Síochána are the National Police Force of Ireland. The mission of An Garda Síochána is “deliver professional policing and security services with the trust, confidence and support of the people we serve. Some of the core functions include:

  1. The detection and prevention of crime;
  2. Enabling the nation’s security;
  3. Crime prevention both citizens and critical infrastructure and promote inter-agency approach to problem solving;
  4. Protection of the State;
  5. Reducing the incidence of fatal and serious injuries on our roads and improving road safety;
  6. Problem width communities to prevent to anti-social behaviour;

An Garda Síóchána has a long established tradition of working closely with communities all across Ireland. By fostering and maintaining effective community partnerships and ensuring a more visible Garda presence, they work to achieve a reduction in crime and fear of crime in their communities.



Hellenic Police


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The Hellenic Police is subordinated to the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection. The Hellenic Police assumed its present structure in 1984 when the Gendarmerie (Chorofylaki) and the Urban Police Forces (Astynomia Poleon) were merged (Law 1481/1-10-1984, Government Gazette 152 A). Hellenic Police (Elliniki Astynomia) is a Law Enforcement Agency according to the Law nr. 4249/2014 and its mission is to:

  1. Ensure peace and order as well as citizens` unhindered social development, a mission that includes general policing duties and traffic safety;
  2. Prevent and interdict crime as well as to protect the State and the democratic form of government within the framework of constitutional order, a mission that also includes the implementation of public and state security policy;
  3. Protect external borders

Hellenic Police is comprised of both central and regional Services. Hellenic Police`s headquarters is the supreme authority over these Services. Its efforts center on the fulfillment of the Force`s mission, within the framework of the Ministry of Interior`s policy. For this reason, it schedules, directs, oversees and monitors the activities of its Services, and it ensures the necessary conditions for the exercise of its authority. In its continuous mission to serve and protect citizens, Hellenic Police has responded to our times` demands and challenges by improving training, adopting a modern crime prevention policy, better utilizing science and technology and by exploiting international law enforcement cooperation.



ZITIS - Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector


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The Central Office for Information Technology in the Security Sector (ZITiS) has been established by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior in 2017. As a service provider for the German security authorities, ZITiS focuses on research and development and provides technical expertise in the cyber domain.