Training material

In this section you can find “how-to” guides offered by ROXANNE. Partners have prepared manuals on how to use ROXANNE Training Platform and how Ethical issues could be considered by end-users.

ROXANNE Training Platform Manual

The educational process on the MOODLE training ROXANNE platform is divided into training modules. Educators and trainees are assigned to each of them and given the appropriate roles. Each module is functioning as a micro–website within the platform, allowing all participants to communicate with one another via the module's blog, which is visible only to them. All material is available and updated according to educators' decisions through the module for easy downloading, while time constraints may apply for all trainees in terms of availability.

Document: roxanne_training_platform_manual.pdf

In order to access ROXANNE's training platform you need first to register at

Ethics Manual

Document: roxanne_ethics_training.pdf

ROXANNE Ethics Training

This document is an edited version of the ethical and legal training materials for the ROXANNE project that has been made available for public dissemination. It is intended to be provided to end-users of the ROXANNE tools, who are expected to be investigators working for law enforcement. Section 1 deals with artificial intelligence (AI) ethics issues as they related to technologies used by law enforcement agencies (LEAs). Section 2 deals with cross-European legal issues relevant to use of AI tools by LEAs. The intention of making this document available for public dissemination is, firstly, so that the LEAs can learn about issues relevant to their use of AI in investigations. Second, it is important that the public and other researchers can learn from our experience and understand issues relevant to technologies like those researched in ROXANNE.


Autocrime platform - video Tutorial (subtitles available in 8 languages):

Autocrime video tutorial is available here: (registration is reuired as for the training platform):

(supported subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Croatian, Bosnian)