ROXANNE Stakeholder Board

As an EU-funded collaborative research and innovative project, ROXANNE has been accompanied since its launch by a Stakeholder Board (SB) for independent and methodological advice, counseling the consortium on the practical implementation of its goals, as well as on encountered issues regarding its progress, direction, and outcomes. This external project advisory group is formed of 16 interdisciplinary experts coming from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement, academia, EU entities, international organisations, fellow research projects, and industry.

The project consortium meets with the SB on a regular basis to collect feedback on the project work and initiatives. The SB meetings are the perfect occasion for gathering new knowledge and exchanging best practices in areas tackled by the project. To this end, SB members share their views on project activities and preliminary findings. SB members also comment on the development and testing of the platform and its technological components, as well as deliver insights on issues related to data, societal and legal aspects relevant to the project’s development. The SB contributed to the end-user requirements survey and survey on the potential impact of data-driven technologies on societal values and fundamental rights. In addition, SB members attend key project events, such as the field tests, and support ROXANNE with outreach to a wider audience, including other possible users (LEAs, citizens, local authorities) of the developed solutions, as well as with related research initiatives.

The consortium appreciates the external expertise of the SB members in guiding the project for the development of a truly useful, innovative, and responsible final solution. ROXANNE partners believe that SB’s feedback contributes to significantly increasing the project’s overall impact as well as acceptance of novel and innovative solutions for fighting crime.